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1. (sinx/cscx)+(cosx/secx)=1

2. (1/sinxcosx)-(cosx/sinx)=tanx

3. (1/1+cos s)=csc^2 s-csc s cot s

4. (secx/secx-tanx)=sec^2x+secxtanx

5. (cosx/secx-1)-(cosx/tan^2x)=cot^2x

  • math (#1 of 6) -

    sinx/cscx is the same thing as sin^2 x
    cosx/secx is the same thing as cos^2 x
    What you you know about the sum of sin^2 and cos^2 ?

    Try proving the other identities yourself, writing tan, csc and sec in terms of sin and cos.

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