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Math (Trig)

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sorry, another I can't figure out

Show that (1-cot^2x)/(tan^2x-1)=cot^2x

I started by factoring both as difference of squares. Would I be better served by writing in terms of sine and cosine? Such as:


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    I don't think your equation is an identity,
    I tried several angles and the Left Side is not equal to the Right Side.
    Check your typing.

    In general, I try to prove these type of identities by changing everything to sines and cosines, unless I can recognize one of the common trig relationships.

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    let me try to type it out again, my apologies.

    Original problem is--Prove the following:

    1- cot^2 x
    ----------- = cot^2 x
    tan^2 x - 1

    That is how the problem actually looks.

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