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1)Four resistors of 10.0 each are connected in parallel. A combination of four resistors of 10.0 each is connected in series along with the parallel arrangement. What is the equivalent resistance of the circuit?


I got C

2)A 2.00 resistor, and a 12.0 resistor are connected in parallel across a 20.0-V battery. What is the current flowing through the 2.00 resistor?

A)1.67 A
B)1.40 A
C)11.6 A
D)10.0 A

I got D

  • Physics -

    1 is wrong.
    2 is wrong. I don't know what you used for R.

  • Physics -

    1)resistance in parallel = 40 resistance in series = 40
    total equaivalent resistance = 80 which is A

    2)C = vsource/R
    C = 20.0/2.00
    = D. How could it be anything else

  • Physics -

    1) Since when do parallel resistors add the resistances?

    2) The two ohm reistor is in parallel with the twelve ohm resistance. Total resistance then of the parallel branch will be LESS than two ohm.

    You need to review what happens to resistance when resistors are connected in parallel.

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