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If I was to test a set of unkowns in each of the following categories (located below). What would be my best method to figure out the unknowns I was given?

--I was thinking a flow chart starting with high/low conductivity, but I'm not sure where to go from there?

K+ salts
Ca2+ Salts

Thanks in advance for ANY help!

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    I don't want to write a qual scheme for you but I can give you some starters. I think conductivity would be a good start. How about adding dilute HCl to them. Carbonates will fizz with the evolution of CO2. Adding Ag^+ will give you white ppt for AgCl, faint yellow for AgBr, and yellow for AgI. That will cover the halogens. pH or litmus paper will test for acidity. I'll let you take it form there.

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