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When referring to percent ionization values given in a acid/base table,

how to determine what is the hydrogen ion concentration of a 0.10 mol/L solution of hydrofluoric acid?

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    The following answers the question but it doesn't involve percent ionization unless you want to calculate it from the Ka values in the table.
    HF ==> H^+ + F^-

    Use the ICE table.
    Initial concentration
    Change in conen and
    Equilibrium concn.

    Iinitial concn:
    (HF) = 0.1 M
    (H^+) = 0
    (F^-) = 0

    Change in concn:
    (H^+) = +x
    (F^-) = +x
    (HF) = -x

    Equilibrium concn:
    (HF) = 0.1-x
    (H^+) = 0 + x = x
    (F^-) = 0 + x = x

    Write the Ka expression. For HF it is
    (H^+)(F^-)/(HF) = Ka.
    Look up Ka in your tables, plug in the equilibrium concn from above, and solve for x. That is the (H^+).

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