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A person deposits money into a retirement account, which pays 7% interest compounded continuously, at a rate of $1000 per year for 20 years. Calculate:

a. The balance of the account at the end of 20 years

b. the amount of money actually deposited into the account

c. the interest earned during the 20 years.

I think i know that for part a you use the integral to find the future value maybe, but i have no idea how to do b or c

  • Calc -

    compound interest formula is:


    As n approaches infinity, this formula becomes:


    for the 1st $1000 invested:

    for the 2nd $1000 invested:

    and so on for 20 years. The sum total of future values minus $20,000 deposited is the interest earned in the 20 years.

  • Calc -

    a.) $43,645.71

    b.) just do 1000*20 =20,000

    c.) a-b (43,645.71-20,000=23645.71)

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