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what follows a linking verb or a action verb. the simple tense of verbs. follows a preposition. sometimes called the simple predicate.

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    Linking verbs can be followed by predicate nouns or adjectives.

    She is tall. (tall = predicate adjective)
    The tall man is my brother. (brother = predicate noun)

    Action verbs can be followed by direct objects if they are transitive verbs. You will know this whenever you look up words in the dictionary. Transitive verbs are indicated by v.t. after the word in the listing. (If it says v.i., then the verb is action but is intransitive and does not take a direct object.)

    James ate his hamburger. (hamburger = direct object)
    Jill hit the softball. (softball = direct object)

    There is no simple tense of verbs. There are present, past, future, and different continuous and perfect verb tenses.

    The noun or pronoun that follows a preposition (and sometimes there are adjectives in between) is called the object of a preposition.

    The simple predicate is the main verb of the sentence. The complete predicate is the verb and all that goes with it, including adverbs and any adverbial clauses and phrases.

    Here are some websites where you can learn more:




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    This may help you as well:

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