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I need to describe my spring break in Spanish day by day.
I think she said present-tense, I copied this chart off the board.
Yo e
Nos amos
Yo e
Nos imos-emos

Is that present?

So my question is, in that tense, how would I say "I go"?

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    Ok I'm not a teacher but I am Latin so the way you say "I Go" is "Yo Voy" if its "I Went" then it is "Yo Fui". If "You Go" its "Tu Vas", if "We Go" its "Nos Fuimos", if its "We Are Going" its "Nos Vamos". You spelled Vamos wrong but its Ok =]

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. You need to know what tense y our teacher said! If she said Present Tense, it will be -ar = -o, -as, -a, -amos -an / -er = o, es, e, emos, en

    and the English will be I AM speaking, I DO speak, I speak. It will be describing something that is happening today.

    If, however, you copied the endings correctly, it will be the Preterit or Past Tense describing something that DID happen, happened. -ar = é, aste, ó, amos, aron / -er = í, -iste, ió, imos, ieron.

    Kenya gave you "I go, I DO go, I AM goING = y o voy.


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