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Hi i am doing a movie review on the film documentary "The Last Days" by James Moll. Could you help me find any footage from the film? or useful info.
Also, could you give me some feedback on the following;
"Why is it important for history students to learn about the holocaust?"
"What can the world do to prevent another holocaust from happening?"

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    Check this Google page to try to find online footage of this film.


    The Holocaust was one of history's most significant events. Not only were 6 million innocent people killed, they were murdered in cold blood by a supposedly civilized nation. In addition, many countries including the United States, refused to admit some Jewish refugees and thus doomed many of them to death in Europe.

    Although we vowed after WWII, that "never again" would there be a Holocaust, we haven't accomplished our goal. There have been many holocausts in the world since then. What can the world do? The free world could send military forces into all countries that are murdering innocent victims. Is that a practical solution? The free world could admit all holocaust refugees into host countries. Is that a practical solution? What do you think?

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