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I need help in with writing my introduction paragraph I have started with
Literary devices are use by authors to make their readers think and relate to their topics. Greek literature is a great example of this. The meaning of these symbols is affected by the use of literary devices which further enhance, illuminate, and embellish them. Literary Devices are used to enhance your style of writing and add richness to the speech. These are also used to add a distinctive style to your writing and add depth to a story.

I also am tryting to come up with a thesis statment.

The assignment is for me to write an 5 page essay using examples from the text, and discuss and analyzed the literary devices of symbolism and irony in the play oedipus, and how these literary devices help to develop one the motifs Sophocles utilizes in his work.

I have came up up with examples of irony and symbolisms and I will put this with the motif of sight and blindness. I know where I'm going with the body of the paper i'm just having writers block with my introduction and tying it all together.

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    Did you come up with a plan or outline? Even if you think it's very rough, would you please post it for me? Then I can help you better.

    In that outline/plan, I also need to know what details from the play you plan to use as examples.


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    I would suggest starting your introduction with an attention getting "There are none so blind as those who will not see".( (John Heywood) Then I would do a brief history... From the earliest literature authors have used literary devices to argue their cases. (Why? What was Sophocles arguing) (What devices did he use to make this argument.)
    Then you will have your thesis...Sophocles used irony and symbolism to prove...... in his Oedipus trilogy.

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