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Technology in Health Services

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Write a vulnerability assessment report for an urban medical clinic serving low-income clientele as if you were a consultant. The clinic is located in the hot, dry desert region of Southern California, in a high-traffic, high-crime area.

1. Use the Probability & Severity Legend below to rank the probability and severity of the disasters listed on the worksheet. Consider how each potential disaster might affect employee attendance, job performance, technology ¡®downtime,¡¯ and client services, among other consequences. The ranking process is subjective, so there is no ¡°right¡± or ¡°wrong¡± answer.

2. Calculate the Vulnerability Level for each potential disaster by multiplying the Probability ranking by the Severity ranking. For example, in Florida the probability and severity of a hurricane are Very High, so the Vulnerability Level might be 20 or 25.

3. Categorize the vulnerabilities into three groups: High Priority, Medium Priority, and Low Priority.

¡õ High Priority = Vulnerability Level of 15-25
¡õ Medium Priority = Vulnerability Level of 6-12
¡õ Low Priority = Vulnerability Level of 1-5

4. Write a vulnerability assessment report that would be delivered to the clinic. The report should include the results of your vulnerability assessment, as well as recommendations for how the clinic should address the vulnerabilities it faces to reduce the risk of loss. Discuss the vulnerabilities, potential consequences, strategic recommendations, and the order in which the vulnerabilities should be addressed. Write a 3- to 4-page report in APA format.

Probability & Severity Legend
1 Very Low
2 Low
3 Medium
4 High
5 Very High

Axia College Material
Appendix B

Week 7: Assignment ¨C Categorizing Vulnerabilities (cont¡¯d)

Disaster Vulnerability Assessment Worksheet

VULNERABILITY PROBABILITY SEVERITY Vulnerability Level Probability X Severity
Environmental Earthquake
Utilities & Service Electrical
Criminal Behavior Terrorism
Equipment Failure IT equipment
Non-IT equipment
Information Security Cyber crime
Loss of records
Info. breaches

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