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A 10 kg block of ice has a temperature of -13°C. The pressure is one atmosphere. The block absorbs 4.10 106 J of heat. What is the final temperature of the liquid water?

I multiplied 10kg by -13 and divided by the heat absored by the block 4.10*10^6 but i can get the right answer

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    You need to do the problem in three parts: (1) The heating of the ice to 0 C, (2) the melting of the ice, and (3) the heating of the liquid water. First caclulate the amount of heat needed to heat the 10 kg to 0 C, and then the amount needed to heat the ice at 0 C. The remainder of the 4.10*10^6 J (after subtracting the previous two amount) is available to heat the liquid water.

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