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We are writing a paper on "Race in your Community" and I have had a hard time getting going because I live in a small town with really one ethnic group, however as I dug I started finding some minority groups are here, what I am looking for is for some opinions on my thesis statement that I have come up with:

Clinton Arkansas, 2,283 people, 1,007 households, and made up of mainly the White race. As we explore this city we will discover other minority groups also contribute to the racial makeup of this city.

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    I would phrase it this way.

    Clinton, Arkansas - 2,283 people, 1,007 households - is primarily causasian; however as we explore this town, we will discover a number of minority groups that contribute to its racial makeup.

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    Thank you for your advice. I like how that sounds The paper is a challenge I am a very non racial person and the town I live in is small and really has non of the issues I need to write about, that I am aware of at least, I am sure some exist...

  • ETH -

    Do you know any of these students in school? Do you have any for neighbors? Could you interview them after explaining why you are asking and guaranteeing their confidentiality? Could you interview the Mayor regarding the problems facing minorities?

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