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English expression

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A: What color hair do you have?
B: I have blond / black / brown / grey / red hair.

Are there only 5 kinds of color hair?
Do we have more kinds of color hair?
Do you have the term 'white hair'?

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    Sometimes people become really creative about describing hair. I've heard these:

    strawberry blond (very light blond with a slightly reddish cast; I have a nephew who has hair this color.)

    dark blond - somewhere between blond and brown (My daughter has hair this color.)

    auburn - reddish brown, sometimes with gold-looking highlights (I have sisters-in-law with this color.)

    salt and pepper - someone with dark hair as an adult, but now it's turniing gray, so it's a mix of both colors

    Other teachers may give you more colors; the only real differences are in the descriptions.

    Yes there is the term "white hair" and it's not the same as gray. My mother has salt-and-pepper hair; my father's hair is gray; my father-in-law's hair was white. There's a definite difference.


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    Oh, I thought of another -- as babies and small children my father, aunt, 2 uncles, brother, daughter, and I all had such white-blond hair, we were referred to as "towheads."

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    There is one color of "white" hair we call "silver".

    There are also shades of brown from a golden brown, tawny brown, reddish brown. We try to describe hair color as graphically as possible.

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