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11)Which has more momentum, an elephant standing still or a raisin dropped from your hand?

The raisin

12)A player kicks a football with an initial velocity of 3.00 m/s at an angle of 60.0 above the horizontal. What is the horizontal distance traveled by the football?

A)0.312 m
B)0.397 m
C)0.673 m
D)0.795 m

0.0 m+(2.6 m/s)(2.6-0.0/9.80)+1/2(-9.80)(2.6-0.0/9.80)^2

I can't get one of those choices

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    11) Correct

    12) Separate the velocitie into vertical and horizontal components. Take the vertical velocity component and calculate how long the ball is in the air. Then, using that time and the horizontal component of the velocity, calculate the horizontal distance traveled.
    I did get one of the shown answers.

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