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Please help revise.

Today most nations in particular those in the Western hemisphere do not consider Cuba to be a democracy. However there is some level of democracy in Cuba. Participation is an essential principle of democracy, one that no section of a country’s population is excluded from the pursuit of political power (Smith 9). In the Case of Cuba no one is excluded from effective pursuit of political power (Sheppard 1). Although the Cuban Communist Party is the only political party in the entire country, it only comprises fifteen percent of Cuba’s entire population (Prevost 363). As a result, anyone can be elected to the government whether or not they belong to the Communist Party (Sheppard 2).

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    Be sure to check on correct comma uses throughout:
    See especially, #s 3 and 4.

    The words "the pursuite of political power" don't make sense at the end of your third sentence. Delete them.

    In the fourth sentence, it's "case" not "Case."

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    what puts looks into words and words into looks? using the letters eexpsionrs. help me out

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