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solution of hydrogen peroxide, H2O2 , is titrated with potassium permanganate, KMnO4 , according to the following equation:

5 H2O2 + 2 KMnO4+ 3H2SO4 -> 5O2 + 2 MnSO4 +8H2O + K2SO4

It requires 46.9mL of 0.145 mol/L KMnO4 to titrate 50.0 mL of the solution of H2O2 .

What is the moles per litre concentration of H2O2 in the solution?

I cant even figure out the first step in converting cause don't you need to convert it to moles/liters

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    I wrote specific instructions for you to solve this problem several problems below. Follow them step by step. If you get stuck, shoe your work ANB tell me what you don't understand about the next step. What's the first step? Determine mols KMnO4 and mols KMnO4 = M x L. The molarity AND volume of KMnO4 are given.

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