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"What position would you take on appeasement if you had been living in Canada during the 1930's and had heard about Adolf Hitler and the Nazis? Explain why"

Hi, could you please help me by giving me some sort of direction on what i should do, i am not sure if i should be for or against appeasement, which one can be better supported.
-Thanks in advance :)

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    Whether to appease Hitler or not was at the time -- and in some ways still is -- a controversial move.

    Those who wanted to appease him really believed that if they gave him what he wanted that war would be avoided. The British and other Europeans were still suffering from their terrible losses in World War I some 20 years before. On the other hand, some people believed that if you give a bully what he wants, he'll continue to want more.

    To help you make up your mind, please read this site.

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    I don't really think that Hitler really had to execute 6 million Jews. I learned that when he had some Jewish friends back in his child hood days. I know that he hates Jews but what he did to the innocent Jews was pure evil.

    And also he was the dictator of Germany, he isn't even from Germany. He also thinks that the Aryan race (blue eyes and blonde hair) is the master race. He's not even Aryan!

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    oh yeah, sorry. Hitlers not German, he's Austrian. He took over his home country! Evil I tell you.......pure evil.

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