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I have to write an outline for a research paper with the cons of performance enhancing drugs in sports. I have a lot of research, but I do not know how to organize it all into a 5 category outline (I. - V.) with examples and explanations for each. Any help would be greatly appreciated on topics, subtopics, and examples/explanations.

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    The first thing you need to do is develop a thesis statement reflecting you opinion on this subject.

    Then outline three major arguments that support your thesis.

    Your introductory paragraph should briefly introduce your arguments and include your thesis statement. The next three parts develop each of your three arguments. Your final section is your conclusion in which you summarize your thesis and the arguments supporting it.

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    my thesis is "Clearly, performance-enhancing drugs in sports should be banned."

    I need 4 parts.. i want health as one, unfair competition as another, and i do not know the last few. what subtopics can i put under health, and unfair competition

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    What have you learned about health and unfair competition from your research?

    In order to get four points, you can break both health and unfair competition into two parts each. It seems to me that the health of the athletes and the unfair competition are sufficient to ban these drugs in sports.

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    i learned many different facts and statements about the health effects of the performance enhancing drugs (such as different long/short term effects) and with unfair competition i learned stuff about how it isn't fair for someone who trains very hard to lose to someone who doesnt train as hard and only uses drugs to boost their performances. i was thinking for my outline to have it set up like I. Introduction II-IV body paragraphs so 3 different topics (i am thinking of health effects and unfair competition as two of my 3 but i do not know how to expand more on them like with subtopics and V-Conclusion

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