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I was just wondering if someone could give me a little insight on where to begin.

You receive an e-mail from your supervisor about her attendance at the upcoming city council meeting to request an increased budget for sex offender rehabilitation programs. She will be very busy before the meeting and needs your help to prepare her presentation. Reply to your supervisor's e-mail by giving a quick overview of how the competing psychological and sociological explanations of crime would seek to explain the actions of a serial rapist and why you believe a specific explanation or theory of criminal behavior should be used as the basis for your local sex offender rehabilitation program.

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    I didn't know sociopaths could be rehabilitated. I suspect your profs would disagree.

    I would start with the "competing psychological and sociological explanations of crime". Once you sort through that fluff, you can make an outline of what you want to do with a rehab program, and make arguments for it.

    Personally, for repeat, or "serial" offenders, the points in the link above are food for thought.

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