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Math- double check me please

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In a shipment of 1200 parts, 60 were found to be defective. What percent of the parts were faulty?
b. 1200
c what percent
d. shipment
Ms. Jefferson has been given a loan of 20,000 for a 1 year. If the interest charged is $800, what is the interest rate on the loan?
answer: 4.5%
A railing for a deck requires pieces if redwood 3ft, 10in., 12ft 6in., and 5ft 4in. long. What is the toal length of material that is needed?
answer: 21ft 10in.

  • Math- double check me please -

    The correct answer isn't given for the first problem. 60 out of 1200 is not 60 percent.

    Your second and third answers are not correct.

    Please try again.

  • Math- double check me please -

    first one:
    60/1200 = 0.05 = 5%
    You must have a typo in your answer choices.

    second one: 800/20000 = .04 = 4% not 4.5%

    third one: I got 21 feet 8 inches

    (join the rest of the world and GO METRIC to avoid such awkward calculations)

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