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I am doing a paper and need a few opinions on the following topic:

Why is it better to go to college rather than just settle with a high school diloma?


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    Because by going to college you can further your learning and aquire a higher paid job

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    I wanted to go to college so I could be a leader instead of a follower (although a college education not necessarily a must for that). As I chemist, I didn't want to be a pair of hands for someone else; i.e., I wanted to do research and be the one who decided the direction the research team was to go instead of following another person's lead. I also thought the pay would be better with more college. Finally, I thought more education would enhance the kind of job I obtained and give me more flexibility in the kind of job I accepted. I wanted to be able to pick a job in which I would be happy. I didn't want to trudge through life from age 20 or so just for a paycheck.

  • In your opinion=> has it payed off for you Dr.Bob? (I need some advice) -

    I don't know where to start but I was thinking of changing my major to chemistry but that would require me to go to another school since mine doesn't have a chemistry major. This is rather ironic since they have all the major chem classes needed to get a chemistry degree and I have to take them anyway for my forensic science (FOS) major. I heard from a lab prof(he just got his masters in FOS and is leaving) that you could technically take all the chem classes at one school but then get a chem degree in another if you go and take one class at another school. (I'm not so sure this is possible though, Is it?)

    Or...I was thinking ahead and was thinking of getting a masters in FOS and then going on and focusing on chem later (Is this reasonable or not?) (I find that I'm quite interested in chem but FOS involves alot of chem as well)

    Any advice?


  • In your opinion=> has it payed off for you Dr.Bob? (I need some advice) -


  • In your opinion=> has it payed off for you Dr.Bob? (I need some advice) -

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  • In your opinion=> has it payed off for you Dr.Bob? (I need some advice) -

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  • In your opinion -

    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Not only do you educate yourself but you will educate the family you will have. When you get out into the job market you will find that college-graduates are hired faster, as it "prooves" they have met more challenges.

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    Going to college gives you new worlds to explore. The first two years need to be used to sample as many areas of learning as you can; that way you can make a more informed decision as to what you would love doing. College also teaches you to "reason" as opposed to just memorize. Going to college also teaches you to operate in an atmosphere outside of your comfort zone, away from your family, with people of many different backgrounds.

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