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Can someone please send me a link or tell me what happens when the following reactions takes place? As in...the colour change (if any) and any other observations

* Phenol in water

* Phenol in excess water

* Phenol in hot water

* and then Phenol in hot water and then allowed to cool

* phenol, universal indicator and water

  • Chemistry Organic -

    Phenol + Water=> phenoxide ion

    other than that I'm not sure about the others.

  • Chemistry Organic -

    phenol in excess water=> phenol reforms after the production of the phenoxide ion.

  • Chemistry Organic -

    Phenol is moderately soluble in water at about 8 g /100 ml.
    It forms clear colourless solutions in water.
    For the last one the pKa of phenol is about 10.

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