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I have two questions that I need help with.

1. Angle of Depression: A Global Positioning System satellite orbits 12,500 miles above Earth's surface. Find the angle of depression from the satellite to the horizon. Assume the radius of Earth is 4000 miles.

2. Geometry: A regular hexagon (a hexagon with congruent sides and angles) is inscribed in a circle of radius 25 inches. Find the length of the sides of the hexagon.

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    1. Measured from the vertical direction to the center of the Earth, the horizon is at angle sin^-1 (4000/16,500)

    2. The side length of a hexagon is the radius of the circle in which it is inscribed.

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    Satellites in the global positioning system (gps) orbit is 12,500 miles above Earth. Gps signals can't travel through earth so a satellite at point b can transmit signals only to points on ac. How far must the satellites be able to transmit to reach points a and c. The diameter of earthy is about 8000

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    *Fart Noise

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