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The circumference of a circle is 12.56 centimeters. What is the approx. measure of the circle's radius?

A. 2
B. 2.5
C. 4
D. 8

I think that the Diameter would be 4.18 so the radius would be 2.04 or rounded to 2.

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    You are correct that the answer is 2 but you didn't work it properly. You divided 12.56/3 = 4.18, took 1/2 of that to obtain 2.09 and rounded to 2.00. BUT, pi is 3.14 which gives 12.56/3.14 = 4.00 and that divided by 2 = 2.00. Your teacher may have told you to use 3 for pi but I'm just pointing out that there are more significant figures in 12.56 than one.

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  • Circumference,Radius, Diameter -


  • Circumference,Radius, Diameter -

    well the answer i got was 8 because mulitilple the it

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