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Toulmin Model and Campus Gun Control?

I'm getting really confused about this. I need to break down an article according to the toulmin model within the next few hours. It's about gun control on campuses. So far I've got:

Claim: Guns should be allowed on campuses because they would stop or deter school shootings.

The article goes on to talk about how no one was able to stop recent school shootings (VT, NIU) so obviously the current no guns allowed policy on campuses isn't working. It says that guns in the hands of good guys acts as a deterrent to the bad guys, and if any of the students or professors (the "good guys") had been carrying guns they probably would have been able to stop the perpetrator. What data, warrant, and backing can I draw from this?

  • Toulmin Model Anyone? -

    * Claim: Allowing guns on campus stops or deters school shootings.
    * Data: Recent school shootings (45 since '96) weren't stopped and no one else had a gun.
    * Warrant: If guns were allowed someone probably would have shot the perpetrators.
    * Backing: none

    Am I even close on this? I'm so confused!

  • Comm. Arts -

    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is an excellent "diagram" of the Toulmin Model:

    As for the "Backing" other examples from newspapers, etc. should help. It would appear you are on the right path, but try to cover all 6 points.


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