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consider the following reaction CH3X + Y---> CH3Y + x at 25 degree celcius the following two experiments were run, yielding the following data: experiment 1 [Y]0=3M
[CH3X] time
7.08×10^-3 1
4.52×10^-3 1.5
2.23×10^-3 2.3
4.76×10^-4 4
8.44×10^-5 5.7
2.75×10^-5 7

Experiemtn 2 [Y]0=4.5M
[CH3X] time
4.5×10^-3 0
1.7×10^-3 1
4.19×10^-4 2.5
1.11×10^-4 4
2.81×10^-5 5.5
experiemtn also were run at 85 celcius. the value of the rate constant at 85 celcius was found to be 7.88×10^8(wiht the time in units of hours where [CH3X]= 1×10^-2M and [y]=3M

detemine the rate law and the value of k for this reaction at 25 celcius
determine the half life at 85 celcius
determine Ea for the reaction
fiven that C-E bond energy is known to be about 325 KJ/mol, suggest a mechanism that explain the results in parts a and c

im pretty sure i have to grpah it to find the straight line but my calculator stinks at graphing to find the order can some help me find the order and does it matter which exp i use to find the rate law and value of k? and can some help with d kinda have no clue=\

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    the time for the first are
    and second is

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    i have the same ? ughhh did you get any of the problem yet.

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