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If it's possible, can somebody help me fing grammatical error in this essay?

The Medicine man is one upon various movies that should make us concerned with our environment. The things occurring to our environment are something that should concern us in a variety of aspects, one of them displayed in the Medicine Man. In reality (and as shown in the movie), plants and other various natural resources are capable of helping a high amount of today’s population for things as simple as fighting a cold, or as difficult as treating an HIV+ patient. This is what most people are not aware of, that an enormous amount of medicine used for all sorts of things comes from various plants, both common and rare. This is a concern, due to the fact that the amounts of pollution produced by various common apparatuses used in the average society has a high influence in the loss of vegetation and beautiful rainforests all over the world, which can have a great effect in various proportions, such as the economical stability of a country, and the chance of success it can have when it comes to the possibility of striking a trade deficit with it’s surrounding nations.
The issue at hand is very critical. With the loss of all this vegetation, remedies to critical medical conditions can vanish. Deforestation can occur for several reasons. The examples given in “The Medicine Man” are forest fires, and human interaction, one of many causes of the loss of forests and vegetation in urban, or rural areas. Some of the hazards are very difficult to prevent, such as forest fires. Others, such as the use of valuable trees to make desks, paper, and other resources used by most people today, can easily be stopped. There are always alternate resources that can perform the same tasks as wood can. We have technology to mass-produce various types of materials that can replace the use of wood to improve the environment. If forests aren’t demolished, the plants that are important for the creation of medicine have a higher chance of survival, so it’s best to avoid the use of wood. Though it would be good, there are also disadvantages to this plan.
With production of wood gone, a lot of countries would enter something similar to “the great depression”. Some countries rely on wood as a resource to fuel their economy. If this resource became invaluable, some of many countries would have nothing to produce money, and eventually lose all economical income. Another inconvenience with using this plan would be the extinction of other resources. At this point, wood is more abundant than various other resources that can replace it, so it might not be a better idea to follow the plan listed above. Wood is a renewing source, while other resources used today, such as oil, will not be easily produced, and are likely to vanish soon.
With all things considered, it’s a hard choice to decide which is best for the world, but it is apparent that changing this can bring a lot of difficulties, and few advantages. The main topic at hand is saving trees, and all the vegetation that can be beneficial, and it seems that either way, there’s a good possibility that some of the plants we need will... (I'm finishing it...)

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