posted by Julie

someone please help i hav posted my questions like 5 times and no one is answering, can someone please solve these inequalitys

  1. Ms. Sue

    Julie -- we've ignored your questions because you've made no attempt to do them yourself. Please show us how you think they should be solved, and we'll be glad to help you.

  2. Julie

    okay sorry , i have no idea how to do them i have tryed but i don't get it

  3. bobpursley

    I will do one:

    6y+1 <19
    6y< `18

  4. Julie

    no you are not doing it right inequalitys do not have a certain answer like for a+4<10 the answer would be less then 5

  5. george

    i need help bad

  6. Damon

    Treat the arrows just like an equal sign
    If you multiply (or divide which is the same thing) both sides by a negative number, then reverse the direction of the arrow.

  7. Damon

    First - he did it right
    he said y < 3 which is y less than 3

    You did that wrong
    "a+4<10 the answer would be less then 5"
    NO - subtract 4 from both sides
    a < 6 !!!!!!

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