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I need to know a SIMPLE definition for the following words and I don't know how to find SIMPLE definiton! Here are the words:

1.) Irony
2.) looting
3.) reverie
4.) plague
5.) hamper

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    I looked up "irony" in the dictionary linked below and this was the first definition. It seems like a simple explanation.

    1. the use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning: the irony of her reply, “How nice!” when I said I had to work all weekend.


    You can look up the other words in this (or any) dictionary. If you run across something you don't understand, please post another question.

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    The website you gave me didn't give simple definitions for the following words:
    1.) reverie
    2.) plague
    3.) hamper

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    What don't you understand about reverie?

    1. a state of dreamy meditation or fanciful musing: lost in reverie.
    2. a daydream.

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    Thank you very much for helping me with THAT definition, but what about the others? Do you think you could find some simple definitions for me? Or you could at least tell me where to look for them.

    P.S. My vocabulary book that I am using in School is called Vocabulary Workshop Level B. (In case that helps!)


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    I also just relized that my teacher got these words from a book she is reading called, The Girl who owened the city. She found these words on certain pages. Here they are:
    1.) irony-page 8
    2.) looting-page 8
    3.) reverie-page 15
    4.) plague-page 2, 12, 15

    Hope this helps!!


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    I also just relized that we don't even need to know hamper so just forget that. And the vocabulary book I gave you will be useless since I got these words from the book, The Girl Who Owned A City.


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    Check these definitions.



    Note that hamper's meanings are different for the noun and the verb.

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    This is what hamper's definitions were:
    1. to hold back; hinder; impede: A steady rain hampered the progress of the work.
    2. to interfere with; curtail: The dancers' movements were hampered by their elaborate costumes.
    –noun 3. Nautical. gear that, although necessary to the operations of a vessel, is sometimes in the way.

    Does that sound simple to you?! It doesn't to me!! Where can I find easy definitions?

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    You know what??? I think I will go look this up in a book. But I don't know where books are located! Where are they? I NEEED BOOKS! HArry Potter is ah-mazing

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    You're beginning to sound rude and demanding. Best take care of the attitude.

    Try this:


    Look up "hamper" -- the first result you'll get is for the noun, so scroll down to find the verb form.

    If any word in there doesn't make sense, then look that word up. You have to be willing to look, again and again, if necessary.

    and there are a bunch more.

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    I think I am the nices person in the WORLD!!! Mommy thinks so too. HAHAH Just kidding

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    I hope you're kidding. This type of attitude is what'll get you on the "blocked" or "banned" list very quickly.

    Keep searching different sources. That's the way research is done, whether it's simple research for definitions, synonyms, etc., or complicated research for a term paper.

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