posted by Lis

Hey! I like math,but this year I'm doing algebra 1 and am not doing so well. I understand the lessons,but then the next day I learn a new way to solve a different problem and confuse the old way with this new way. So on tests,I know how to answer some problems but then get confused on others. Is there some way to remember all the different ways to solve these hard problems and still learn new ones?
Thanks for your time, Confused

  1. Count Iblis

    The best way to learn math is from understanding the fundamentals. In school, students are often not taught this well.

    You should not use methods that you cannot derive from first principles yourself. If you stick to this rule, then math will become much easier as all the different methods follow from a few simple basic principles.

  2. Lis

    I'm homeschooled so I have no teacher that can help me.I need all the help I can get!Thanks for the help!:) any other suggestions anyone?

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