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banking and money

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1. Complete the assigned readings for this unit.

2. Read the article found at the website provided in Materials below.

3. Post a 100- to 150-word answer for each of the following questions:

Credit cards and travelers' checks are widely accepted as a medium of exchange. Should they be considered part of the money supply? Explain while describing the measures of the money supply.
One of the functions of the Federal Reserve Bank is to control the nation's money supply. Another is to be the banker of last resort for the banking system. Contrast the role of the Federal Reserve with that of other financial institutions.
Can an economy have too much money? If so, what happens when an economy has too much money? Can you give a historical example when there was too much money in the economy and how it was handled?
Is it possible to have inflation without monetary expansion in the short run and long run? What happens to the reverse monetary expansion without inflation? Explain.
The material below will help you complete this assignment.

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