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China, when it first beacme a communist nation, introduced a "closed door" policy and isolated itself from the rest of the world. now through tourism and trdae China comes into contact with the rest of the world. What motivated China to open it's doors to the West? How has this contact challenged the traditional beliefs and pratices of the Communist state in China?

I know China kept their doors closed because the rest of the world was both alien and hostile towards communism. And , I also know that the beliefs and practices of communism in china would be challenged by the democratic ways of the west, but why was China motivated to open its doors to the west in the first place???

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    Money! Money! Money!

    China wants the huge amounts of money it can earn with trade and tourism. It learned that cooperation with other countries is far more profitable than isolation. And now that China is making so much more money, many of its people are able to live much more comfortable lives.

    I also saw the same thing happen in Vietnam in the last 13 years or so.

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    Thank-you. Would you happen to know any links that talk about how the west influenced China?

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    You're welcome. Check these sites.

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