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Is is "the two countries lay on opposite sides of the world" or "the two countries lie on opposite sides of the world"? I can't remember how to use those stupid lay/lie verbs. =( Thanks!

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    "Lay" needs a direct object when it's in the present tense.


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    Well, it could be "lay" if you mean that sentence in the past tense!! But if it's in present tense, use "lie."


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    The lie/lay verbs are the most confusing in the English language. Within another generation or two, I expect that the usage will change and there will no longer be a difference.

    In your sentence, the correct verb is LIE.

    To refresh your memory,

    LIE means to recline or exist.

    The two countries LIE on other sides of the world.
    Yesterday I LAY down for a few hours.
    I have LAIN down and napped for a few minutes each day.

    LAY means to put.

    I will LAY the scissors on the counter.
    Yesterday I LAID my keys on the dresser.
    I have LAID my keys somewhere and can't find them.

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    Thank you =)

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    You're very welcome. :-)

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