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* Which is performing more efficiently? A car getting 12 km per liter of gas or one getting 25 miles per hour?

* _______ hectares (ha) = 65,000 square meters (sq m) (EXACT answer)

* 1200 grams = ________ pounds

* A cubic centimeter is :
A cube with an area of 1 sq cm
A cube with a length of 1 cm
A cube with an area of 1 cm
A cube with a volume of 1 cu cm.

  • Math -

    your first question makes no sense. You are comparing fuel consumption with speed.
    I will assume you meant 25 miles/gallon?
    and you are using US gallons.

    1 mile = 1.609 km and 1 US gallon = 3.79 litres.

    so 25mil/gall = 25*1.609km/3.79litres
    = 10.6km/litre

    BTW, fuel consumption in the metric system is not expressed as so many km per litre but rather
    x litres/100km
    So in our display on a car it might say
    fuel consumption: 7.7
    so the lower the number the better.

    Your second question is a matter of looking up the units, try it

    for the third what is 1*1*1 ?

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