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English expression

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A: What is your specialty?
B: My specialty is taking pictures.
B1: It is taking pictures.
B2: Taking pictures is my specialty.
B3: Taking pictures in it.
Is this dialogue correct?
Are all answers are acceptable?

  • English expression -

    B3 is odd, even though I know you meant "is" instead of "in."

    The first three are fine. you could have B3 be simply "Taking pictures."

  • English expression -

    e.g. Taking pictures is it. 'in' should be changed into 'is'. What about this one?

    Thank you for your kind explanation.
    I'd like to post another question.

  • English expression -

    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum again. Yes, on the last two!

  • English expression -

    I mean the floowing one.

    e.g. Taking pictures is it.
    Is this correct?

  • English expression -

    That's OK, but rather cumbersome. People would just leave off the words "is it."

  • English 12 -

    How do u change a transitive verb into a intranstivie verb?

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