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Describe what happens at the particle level and what happens to a liquid's temperature when it reaches the liquid's heat of fusion.

Is it possible for the ice in your freezer to be below 0 degrees celsius? explain.

When does ice in your freezer reach equilibrium?

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    I Will be happy to critique your thinking on this.

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    At the particle level the molecules can't move around in the solid as they can in the liquid; i.e., movement is limited for particles in the solid state. They can move (vibrate) but they cannot move freely. When the temperature of a liquid reaches the melting point, the temperature remains the same while the molecules of the liquid change to solid.
    Yes, it is possible for the ice in a freezer to be below zero degrees Celsius because most freezer compartments are designed to cool as low as zero degrees F or about -18 C. The ice will be at the same temperature as the freezer compartment assuming the ice has been in the freezer long enough.
    I don't know what you mean by equilibrium.

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