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At a deep-sea station that iss 200. m below the surface of the Pacific Ocean, workeres live in a highly pressurized enviornmetn. how many liters of gas at STP must be compressed on the surface to fill the underwater enviorment wiht 2.00*10^7 L of gast a 20.0 atm? Assume that temperature reamins constant. I did this problem using v1p1=v2p2. and got 400,000,000L. I know that is totally wrong, so can someone please help me with this problem! Thanks:)

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    well, in round terms, every ten meters adds one atmospher, so 200 meters is about 21 atmosphers, so volume should be increased by a factor of 21 (about).

    P1V1=P2V2 is correct, but you need barometric pressure in meters of water. That would be .76*13.2 meters (the 13.2 is the density of mercury) or 10.03m

    The pressure at 200 m is 200mwater+atmospheric, or 210mwater
    Your problem states that the pressure is 20.0 atm, but that does not include atmospheric pressure above the ocean, it is pressing down also.
    solve for V . Just looking, your answer is not far off.

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    Oops, the density of mercury is 13.6, so atmospheric pressure is 10.34 meters water

    This means pressure at 200 m is 200m+10.3m, which changes the final answer slightly.

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