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when converting micromoles to moles:
the way i do it is this way:

1 micromole X 1/10^-6 = 1X10^6 mole.

lately i have been seeing it done this way:

0.000001 and you just move the decimal point over to the right 6 place to get 1 mole.

these are different answers. which is correct?

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    Neither is correct.
    1 micromole x (1 mole/10^6 micromole) = 1 x 10^-6 mole. Note: There are 10^6 micromoles in 1 mol.

    Now, what are the units on 0.000001 what? mole? If so, then what you have written is 1 x 10^-6 mol which is 1 micromole.

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