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what is meant by "level of accounts payable"

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    This might either refer to the amount of accounts payable (unpaid bills), relative to total purchases over a period of time, or it may refer to the skill level required for an accounts-payable job, as in
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    It seems like the phrase is being taken out of full context.

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    Account Word Problems like this I seem not to get the concept , please give me an exam as how to figure out this problem.

    1. The liabilities of Acosta Corporation equal one-third of the total assets. And
    stockholders equity is $160,000. What is the amount of the liabilities.

    Assets = Liabilities + S Equity

    ? = ? + $160,000

    2. The liabilities of the Cochran Company equal one-fifth of the total assets
    The stockholders equity is $40,000. What is the amount of the liabilities?

    Assets = Liabilities + S Equity

    ? = ? + $40,000

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    I have no exam to give you; we have no teachers of your subject on the Jiskha team.

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