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To confuseing I need help.

In honor of school spirit week, the student council decided to decorate lockers in the main lobby. The 9th graders officers stuck a decal of Smiley, the school mascot, on every third locker, starting with the third. The 10th graders officers taped a coupon for a free soda for the saturday game on every fourth locker, starting with the fourth. The junior class officers put black and purple ribbons, the school colors, on every 6th locker,starting with the sixth locker. Thesenior class officers usedwashable paint and painted the words "GO TEAM GO" on every 8th locker, beginning with the 8th locker.

-Which is the 1st locker to have all 4 items placed on it? Explain answer.

-If the hallway has a total of 1000 lockers, how many of those lockers will have all 4 items placed on it? explain.

-How many lockers will have only black and purple ribbons placed on it and no other items? explain.

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    the nineth graders
    -992 lockers
    -975 lockers

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    she is trust me

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