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name each of the following ionic compounds by stock system... couldn't find these in the list.
b) KF
c) CaS
d) Co(NO3)2
g) Hg3(PO4)2

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    You couldn't find them, probably because there is no reason to get confused with the answers, at least for some of them. I would name them
    sodium(I) chloride **see note
    potassium(I) fluoride ** see note
    calcium(II) sulfide **see note
    cobalt(II) nitrate (could confuse)
    iron(III) phosphate (could confuse)
    mercury(II) sulfate (could confuse)
    mercury(II) phosphate (could confuse)
    **The I is not necessary because Na, K, and Ca are known only in the +1 or +2(for Ca) states. Frankly, I don't know if placing a I or II there is incorrect or not.

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    Kf ionic name

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