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I have to do a presentation for Latin on Catullus 45 (a poem with Acme and Septimius). Any tips for presenting and what to say?

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    How about using a collage of images representing this love story?

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    It might be a good idea to explore the names--Septimius and Acme, one a traditional Roman name, the other Greek. Is there an issue of differing class? What words in the poem clarify the class distinctions? With a name like 'Acme' who or what is she likely to be? What are the chances for a long term relationship? Is Septimius feeding Acme a line? How innocent is Acme supposed to be? How seriously are we supposed to take a word like 'fidelis'? (Is this poem a conceit?) What does Amor have to do with this relationship? Is he 'the devil that made them do it? ...a go-between? How does time matter? (Why 'ut ante'?) Look at the sound of the words, especially the M sounds near the end of the poem. What is Catullus suggesting with these sounds? Why does Venus appear in the last line? Is she the clmax of some idea Catullus is developing through the poem? Does the poem have a structure? Is there a progression of ideas or images that lead somewhere?

    In short, ask yourself as many questions as you can and all sorts of ideas will come to mind.

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