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I have some essays questions to do and I have some answers, but could someone add to them? Any one of them could be the one i have to write and essay on. They are all about Julius Caesar

1. What are the virtues and limitations of Brutus? Would he be a good ruler? Why or why not?

I think his virtues are his honesty and how honorable he is. His limitations are that he is pretty naive since he thinks everyone is in the plot to murder Caesar for an honorable reason. I don't think he would be good ruler since he doesn't realize that not all people are good.

2. Compare and contrast Brutus with Antony and/or Cassius (Choose one or both. Which would make a better ruler? Why?

Brutus and Cassius - They are both very persuasive, have great military skills, and do not want Caesar to become king. However, Cassius doesn't care as much about Rome as Brutus does, and Cassius cannot really stand alone - he needs someone to help him to kill Caesar while Brutus can take care of himself.

3. If Shakespeare meant to make a political statement through this play, what was it? What was he trying to say about the power of a monarchy, the ability of people to rule themselves, etc.?

I think he was trying to say that people feel that they cannot rule themselves and need someone to do it for them. But then of course they rebel and attempt to murder him and things like that so I'm not really sure.

4. What evidence do you see in the play of the corruption and instability of human nature? Are people-kind good or evil? How do these aspects of human nature contribute to the grim outcome of the play?

This one is tough, and I realize I cannot get much help with it since it mainly for me to answer. The evidence is all throughout the play from the murder of Caesar to the death of Brutus, I have no problem finding that. But are people good or evil? I think that they are innately good, but must do things to survive or to be accepted that may make them be considered evil. So really people are just very unstable.. Maybe they weren't meant to be here :)
I am really not sure..

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