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Sam's cold frame has a volume of 120 feet cubed. List all the possible dimensions of the cold frame. Use only whole numbers and use any combination of numbers once. For example, if you list 1ft*8ft*15ft, you may not list 1ft*15ft*8ft or 8ft*1ft*15ft, and so on. Try to find sixteen combinations.

List all the answers please.

  1. drwls

    Break 120 up into a product of prime numbers. Then break that list into as many combinations of three numbers as you can think of, using all of the numbers. Examples:
    120 = 1*2*2*2*3*5
    = 1*(2*2*2)*(3*5)= 1x8x15
    = 2*(2*2)*(3*5)= 2x4x15
    = 1*2*(2*2*3*5)=1x2x60
    = (2*2)(2*3)*5= 4x6x5
    = 2*(2*5)*(2*3)=2x10x6

  2. sophia

    4x + 10 -3x =2-3

  3. Reiny

    120 = 2*2*2*3*5

    So we need triples of these that multiply to get 120, but we must not forget that 1 can also be used.
    So I went about it sort of systematically

    1,1,120 ----- only case with 2 ones
    1,10,12 --- to got more would repeat some




    Done, 16 of them

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