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How do I determine the number of grams for the following Substance? 7.8 mol ZnSo4

  1. DrBob222

    grams = mols x molar mass

  2. ^Quen^

    1molZnSO4= 164.46gZnSO4( the molar mass)
    7.8 mol ZnSO4* (164.46gZnSO4/1molZnSO4)
    = 1259.388g ZnSO4

  3. ~christina~

    I got 161.47g/mol for ZnSO4

    Zn= 65.4094 g/mol
    S= 32.065 g/mol
    O= 4(15.999 g/mol)

    Other than that your method for calculating is correct.

    7.8mol ZnSO4 x 161.47g/mol= _________?

  4. DrBob222

    Using a calculator on the web I obtained 161.45 g/mol ZnSO4. I don't know it that site has the "latest" changes or not. I'm glad Christina caught that.

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