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Can someone please check the grammar in the following sentences. Please.

1. Normally Victor takes pleasure in spending time with his family; however, when he feels down he opts for solitude.

2. The creature begins to feel alone and vows revenge.

3. This is the same creature who not long ago was also capable of saving a person from drowning.

4. The pain he endured turned him into a dismal man.

5. Victor wants Walton to hear his tale hoping it will prevent the captain from making the same mistakes he did.

6. It causes people to make decisions they thought they would never have to make. (is there any way I can word this better)

7. This horrible emotion can ignite actions or it may cause long term effects that can change a person forever.

Thank you for your help.

  1. Cyrus!

    Reading Frankenstein huh? Great novel! Anyways...

    3. doesn't make grammatical sense...try this. This is the same creature, who not long ago, was capable of saving the life of another.

    6.) People are forced to come to terms with situations they never thought they would have to endure (is that better)

    hope this helps!

  2. J

    Thank u so much. that helped a tons. So the other ones don't need any commas? (that's what i'm worried about). thanks again.

  3. Writeacher

    Cyrus's suggestion for #3 is good, except that you need to have the first comma come AFTER "who," not before it.

    In #1, you need a comma after "Normally."

    In #5, you need a comma after "tale."

    In #7, you need both verbs to be "may" -- not "can" and then "may." Also, you need a comma after "actions."

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