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Given: g=9.81 m/s square.
The parachute on a race car that weighs 8042 N opens at the end of a quarter-mile run when the car is traveling 35 m/s. What net retarding force must be supplied by the parachute to stop the car in a distance of 1020 m? Answer in units of N.

I have no idea what formula I should use or how to solve this problem.

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    retarding force*distance=Kineticenergyofcar

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    so it would be:

    (retarding force)(1020m)= (1/2)(8042N)(35 m/s)
    and the retarding force= 137.98?

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    You would first find the mass of the car using Weight = m*g

    Once you have found the mass, you can solve for "a" in finding Fnet (Fnet= m*a) so (Fnet= 821*a)

    Because Fnet= m a you can rearrange the equation and substitute this into the following equation:
    V^2= Vi^2 + 2(Fnet/m)(X)
    0 = (35^2) + 2(Fnet/821) (1020)

    Therefore the Net Force will be approximately 493 N in the opposing direction. (Because it is an opposing force, the answer will come out negative)

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