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According to Pew Research, the contact rate (probability of contacting a selected household) in 1997 was 69% and in 2003 was 76%. However, the cooperation rate (proability of someone at the contacted household agreeing to be interviewed) was 58% in 1997 and dropped to 38% in 2003.

a). What is the probablity (in 2003) of obtaining an interview with the next household on the sample list?

Is the answer 1-(.76)(.38)

b). Was it more likely to obtain an interview from a randomly selected household in 1997 or in 2003?

Is the answer to compare 1-(.76)(.38) and 1-(.69)(.58).

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    a) I belive your answer is the probability of NOT getting an interview. I think the answer is (.76)(.38)

    b) adjust accordingly from a)

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