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Why is;

a) antimony pentafluroide
Sb(-3) + F5(-1) --> SbF4 ?

b) aluminium bromide hexahydrate
Al(-1) + Br(-1) --> AlBr3 . 6H2O ?

The charges don't add up for (b), is there something to do with the "ide"? I don't get it.

And for (a) how did "pentafluoride" end up to be "F4"? --- shouldn't the answer be Sb(F5)3?

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    Antimony has an electronic structure of
    # Ground state electron configuration: [Kr].4d10.5s2.5p3

    Which means its valences can be +5, or +3. I don't know of a fluoride SbF4, and suspect one does not exist.

    Aluminum has a common valence of +3. Take a look at its electronic structure.

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